• How To Open Cmd In Current Folder

    In Geeks day to day activities we will use cmd very often so we need to navigate to particular path ,so we will open cmd command from run command box or from system applications.But there is other way we can use to open a cmd prompt from current folder i.e by holding “Shift” click on Right Click , up on clicking context menu will open

    22Geeks.in Shift+Context_Menu

    For Video Guide Please watch below video

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  • Relaunch Of 22Geeks.in Website Announcement

    Hey Geeks ( 22Geeks.in Views ), myself Lakshman.Javvadi Individual Software Developer and Entrepreneur from India.

    Today I am relaunching my 22Geeks.in website ,so from today I am going to post content on technologies etc. Actually I started this website last year and tried to post content but due some busy schedule I am unable to post .

    So from now I will be posting tech stuff continuously. Initially I am starting with some random contents , why random means last year I started this website keeping only one thing in mind that this website will be used as kind of all-in-one reference place for technologies like programing tuts , tech news , DIY’s for day to day  use and so and so.

    And mainly you will knowing the in’s and out’s of technologies for example you’re using bluetooth device to communicate wirelessly. They are two types of bluetooth you’re using now-a-days one is for talking for calls and other one is listening songs what is the difference ,how we are able to listen songs also, it is based on A2DP Profile of bluetooth technology ( Just for understanding I raised this topic I am not explaining anything now ,I will give clear explanation about this tech in another post ).

    And coming to things I am going to post is mainly programing and some others things like GNU-Linux, Cloud Technologies ,Mobile Technologies ( Iphone,Android etc..).


    So whatever I am posting they will be linked to relevant sections in the menu on top so that anyone can access this posts later when required.

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